Why I support Black Lives Matter

I’m 53 years old. I’ve seen a lot and I’ve done a lot, there’s a lot I’m not proud of. There’s things I’ve seen I wish I could un-see and words I wish were never uttered or even created. I hate that the mere thought of racism and racists terms ever even entered into my… Read More ›

Why are you proud?

After reading soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris’ tweet and the replies that followed I realized that people are proud of her for the wrong reasons. They’re proud of her because she’s the first woman and or first black woman to be elected to the position of vice president. But should we be proud… Read More ›

Please know this.

This past election should not be seen as an issue of race. No matter what your opinions are of either candidate, we cannot assign labels to those who support Biden or Trump. There are people of all races that voted for both candidates, the reasons for such are their own reasons, which we can only… Read More ›

Is This Us?

The show “This Is Us” is a tear jerker of a show and I enjoy watching it. The characters are very well played and I’ve grown to love them, even if I usually get mad at Kate for her endless self pity. Recently, with the returning seasons of a lot of shows the issue of… Read More ›


President Trump received 5% of the vote in Washington D.C. So if you were to ask his neighbors what kind of neighbor he is what do you think they’re going to say? The people closest to him want him out. He traveled across the country talking about making America great again, yet nothing in D.C…. Read More ›

Atlantic City or Why I could never support Trump

Regardless of all the other reasons, and there are MANY, there is one reason that has seared my memory. There was much hype when the Taj Mahal was built in Atlantic City, and it was well warranted (at the time). This was a beautiful destination in Atlantic City where you could enjoy yourself or lose… Read More ›

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