Why are you proud?

After reading soon to be Vice President Kamala Harris’ tweet and the replies that followed I realized that people are proud of her for the wrong reasons.

They’re proud of her because she’s the first woman and or first black woman to be elected to the position of vice president. But should we be proud of her for this reason? Shouldn’t we be proud of her for how she fulfills her position?

If there’s pride to be expressed it should be expressed towards those who voted for her. Because this means that we are moving forward as a nation, as a more united people. Leaving in the past the stereotypes, discriminations and ideologies that for so long suppressed the brilliance and strength of women and minorities, the brilliance and strength that was always there.

If I’m proud I’m proud of those who fought and gave their lives so that Vice President Kamala Harris could stand on a stage with a smile and speak proudly and boldly.

I don’t care that she’s black, I don’t care that she’s a woman, it doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is that we accept her for and be proud of her for the qualities that brought her here and what she brings to the office.

She is not special for being black, she’s not special for being a woman, though those make this a special moment, she’s special for being the kind of person that brought her here.

So if we can be proud of her at this moment, it should be because she put in the work it takes to get here.

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