Please know this.

This past election should not be seen as an issue of race. No matter what your opinions are of either candidate, we cannot assign labels to those who support Biden or Trump.

There are people of all races that voted for both candidates, the reasons for such are their own reasons, which we can only know through honest and respectful dialogue, which includes listening.

Trump said a lot of the right things, and a lot of wrong things, but it’s not so much as what he said, but the way in which he said it.

Which brings me to something I heard Representative James Clyburn say, which was, he didn’t want to see our country take several steps backwards. Which is why I voted for Biden over Trump.

It’s time to move forward. There are many things we need to overcome and move past, but it’s up to us, not those we elect, to make tomorrow a better day for one another.

We can only hope those who represent us in government do their best to act in the best interests of the people and our country.

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